Swedish Easter: Bad News / Good News

Bad news, good news.

Unfortunately our friends from 220 Volt have to cancel their gig at Swedish Easter. Here is their statement:

We are very sad that we have to cancel our gig at the „Swedish Easter“ festival. We were looking forward to it so much! Unfortunately, our singer Göran has decided to leave the band and the music business altogether. This and the recent back surgery of our drummer Peter make it impossible for us to perform.

We would like to cancel in time so that the promoters have a fair chance to find another act! Again, it is very unfortunate and we sincerely hope that we will be invited to play at some point in the future. We hope that the festival will be a success for everyone!

All the best

220 Volt

For 220 Volt, the excellent Houston will now play at Swedish Easter. We are very happy to welcome the band for the first time in Hamburg!

More info and clips will follow the days!

See you there!

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